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  •  The Neon is offers excellent quality, many high-performance features, and all at a reasonable price

  •  Our new shell has been designed from the ground up

  •  It is constructed of Diolene and glass fibres which provides a lightweight shell and heat mouldable properties

  •  It can be formed and customized to your foot for an improved fit and added comfort

  •  The upper is made of Italian Nappa leather known for its suppleness and durability

  •  The lining is made of calfskin leather which offers the most direct feel while skating

  •  The shell is constructed of Diolene, a heat mouldable material which allows for customization for an improved fit and added comfort

  •  Additional features include Canadian wax laces, YKK sports zipper

  •  Our last pays special attention to firmly fixating the hell, and accounts for variations in the anatomy of the foot to provide optimal     ankle support

  •  The nylon backing provides a good support, and takes comfort to the next level

  •  The contoured tongue provides extra comfort and lock for your feet

  •  Available in size 35 to 48 in standard lasts​

PRICE: 345,00 €
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