We have let go of our own ideas and are on a new level. With a unique V - shape of the tube, this is a tube where you can exert extremely good control.

The tube of the Superior is made of thin walled high strength steel, this gives the blade a nice steering feel and still is a strong durable blade. 


The bridge is very precise cnc machines out of a one block of high quality aluminum. Simple mounting with one 8mm bold. Good damping system and springs mounting easy from the outside. Available from shoesize 32 to 48 and mounting for inline boots, blades lengths from 16.0 to 18.0 inch


High quality Ostrian Bi-metal steel blades. Hardened with grate care.

Steel has unsurpassed wear resistance and superior grinding properties.


Available bladelengths

from size 15.0 inch to 18.0 inch.

Available for Inline skate boots.