EHS a new brandname, but trusted quality. In 1987 Edward Hagen founded Hagen Techniek, a company specialized in making toplevel products for ice and inline skating. First making inline frames for many well known brands, later making ice skates for different brands. Many people have had a nice time using products made in our factory and many Olympic medals are won on products made by us. 

These products are designed tested and made with love for this beatiful sport. Designed to give you a good time and best possible results! Most of the people that make EHS products are good skaters themselves and know what a skater wants, and like to give just that extra effort to make skates better every day.


Sometimes it is best to cooperate to get better results.

Derrick Campbell (Campbell Speed) former olympic medallist and top coach works with us to improve the shorttrack products. 

Jacco Kromkamp (Kormkamp steel) is responsible for the flattest steel runners possible( we did not find any better).

Hagen is an old name in the skate world.

Around 1886 the first full steel skate blades were

made in Oslo Norway by L.H.HAGEN en CO.

In 1887 Harald Hagen skated races with one of the first steel blades design which design basics are still used these days in modern steel skate manufacturing.




If you are interested in selling EHS quality products in your store, feel free to contact us for more info on our brand, pricing and vision. 

We are located in the heart of the ice-skating world. The Netherlands. 

At our company, we have our own EHS flagshipstore, a machinery shop and development center together with a big stock in EHS products. 

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