Aluminum tube made out of very hard quality aliminum often used in aircraft industries. This alloy is more expencive but keeps the bent better than other alloys. 

The tube has a cnc machined slot in the bottom in the shape of the bent.

This very precise machining job makes it possible to create a nice and smooth prebent blade.

You have the same tubes as the QCS with the same feel, only the steel is not the same hardness.


Cups of the Control are different from the other EHS cups. They are made out of solid material and still have a very precise fitt, but are not as hard as our best cups. Only available in standard size 0.


The steel runner of the Control is made out of very flat stainless steel sheet.

It is hard, but not as hard as the PM and BI-Metal. This is the main reason why the Control is more affordable.


There never came one runner out of the tube.   


The blades come in different lengths.

Size 14.0'' to 18.0'' inch with 165mm mounting distance.

Size 14.0'' to 15.5'' inch with 140mm mounting distance