EHS product are designed by our own specialists. Usually good ideas come from the topskaters and topcoaches. Worked out by our inhouse engeneers and made in our factory.

Tested by topskaters and only when approved the new designs go into production.  

EHS Shortrack teaser 02.jpg




Having our own CNC machinery shop with professionals creating our products, we are eager to keep learning and construct new ways to produce quality parts for EHS. Our research goes straight from our factory to the customer. You get your products straight from the source when you get EHS.




The EHS brand shares its background with Edward Hagen's machine shop. After his succesfull skating career, Edward started to focus on creating products for skating. Nowadays we work in a team with Derrick Campbell, who  had a succesfull skating career as shorttrack skater. And now works as coach of national shorttrack teams and Jacco Kromkamp who has years of experiance making the flattest steel.

gepolijste buizen2.jpg

Edward winning a race back in the 90's