Edward Hagen has been producing some of the finest skating equipment for over 33 years. In 1987 he founded Hagen Techniek and began designing and manufacturing inline skating equipment. Shortly after, Edward began his journey to create and craft high performance products for long and short track speed skating. During this time he partnered and collaborated with many of the world’s top manufacturers. In 2019 he launched the EHS, the next generation of speed skating products!


Derrick Campbell has been a part of 8 Olympic Games, 3 as an athlete, and 5 as a staff member. In 1998 he won an Olympic gold medal in the 5,000m relay event and over the course of his career has won 15 World Short Track Championship medals.


After his retirement in 2000, Derrick graduated from the National Coaching Institute and began coaching at the University of Calgary.


From 2006-2019 his athletes won 7 Olympic medals, 40 World Championship medals, and over 236 World Cup medals.


Inspired to apply his coaching and athletic experience to blade technology, Derrick then founded Evo in 2008.


Driven by quality and innovation, Evo and its partners have since built some of the world’s fastest blades.


In 2019 Derrick and Campbell Speed partnered with Edward hagen to introduce EHS, a company driven to advance existing blade materials and designs.



Tristan has honed his trade, following in the footsteps of his father and master craftsman, Edward Hagen. He is the specialist who oversees the final touches of our short and long track blades. He has advanced the techniques and materials involved with our gluing process which ensures consistent and clean results with each and every blade. With an expert eye, Tristan also inspects and selects our best runners to guarantee the best quality possible. He oversees quality control and examines the final products of all of our short and long track blades before they leave our factory. He also designs and performs the graphic engraving for our blades. Currently competing in long track marathons, it is clear that Tristan is passionate about his work and love for our sport.


As a long track, marathon, short track and inline skater, Jacco has the experience to understand the demands and importance of skating equipment. Since 2012 he has specialized in steel preparation, and has worked as a freelancer to produce the highest runners for some of the worlds most renowned brands. In 2018 Jacco decided to create his own brand Kromkamp, to advance steel runner technology. Combining his experience, extensive research and development, testing, and hardening processes, he has created a system which produces the best runners in the world.

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