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Tristan has honed his trade, following in the footsteps of his father and master craftsman, Edward Hagen. He is the specialist who oversees the final touches of our short and long track blades. He has advanced the techniques and materials involved with our gluing process which ensures consistent and clean results with each and every blade. With an expert eye, Tristan also inspects and selects our best runners to guarantee the best quality possible. He oversees quality control and examines the final products of all of our short and long track blades before they leave our factory. He also designs and performs the graphic engraving for our blades. Currently competing in long track marathons, it is clear that Tristan is passionate about his work and love for our sport.

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Consistent with the Hagen Techniek team philosophy, Wesley is first and foremost passionate about the sport of speedskating. As a long track specialist in the 1500m, all-round and marathon events Wesley is an elite skater himself.  He has earned a podium finish and several top 5 finished in the junior category at the Netherlands Championships. With an educational background in machining and MAG1 welding, Wesley brings both the skating experience and technical knowledge to help develop some of the world’s fastest blades. This invaluable skillset allows the Wesley and the EHS team to prefect it’s designs, materials and laser welding processes.

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