• The EHS shorttrackblades is the result of a cooperation of three companies; Campbell Speed, Hagen Techniek and Kromkamp Steel. By combining experience and knowledge of everyone's expertise, together we make top quality shorttrackblades for several Olympic champions and world record holders. 

  • Derrick Campbell is responsible for design, development and promotion. With his experience as national top shorttrackcoach for several countries and former Olympic Champion he translates the feeling of the athletes to the producer of the tubes.

  • Jacco Kromkamp takes care of the PM and  bi-metal runners. Het is very experienced in making the best runners; for may years he has cared for the surface grinding of the blades of almost every Olympic and World Champion of the last years. As former longtrackskater he nows the importance of superb material.

  • Edward Hagen is the owner of machine factory Hagen Techniek; He has been making all top-shorttracktubes for over 10 years. Almost all tubes of Olympic and world champions come from the factory of Edward. He is responsible for the CNC milling of the tubes and cups. As a former marathonskater, he has always been looking for improvements in material to performe on a higher level.


Our shorttrack collection has 4 top-shorttrack-blades. 

The EHS ACS is made out of high quality aluminum extrusion, provided with the best PM or bi-metal runners. In our skates 'wavy blades' are not allowed.

ACS are the initials of Campbell Speed, the company of former Olympic Champion Derrick Campbell. He is the designer of the EHS ACS blades; the more rigid skate of the EHS top segment.​


The EHS QCS is populair among ladies.

This skate has medium flex characteristics.

  • Smooth grinded Kromkamp steel

  • Bi-metal or PM

  • Trusted hard aluminum alloy keeps the bent

  • Very precise prebent

  • Proven quality

EHS JaeBee

​The JaeBee is a new challenge. This model is developed in cooperation with Aziatic shorttrackcoaches who told us what characteristics they wanted the blades to have. According to rigidity of the tube and flexibility of the runners. 

  • Most middle model blade

  • Smooth grinded Kromkamp steel

  • Bi-metal or PM runners available

  • Trusted hard aluminum alloy keeps the bent

  • Very precise prebent

  • Proven quality


​The EHS FTCS is most populair among youth skaters.

  • Most flexible blade

  • Smooth grinded Kromkamp steel

  • Bi-metal or PM runners

  • Trusted hard aluminum alloy keeps the bent

  • Very precise prebent

  • Proven quality

EHS Control

​The Control is the entry-level skate of EHS.

Delivered with 25m bending, variable rocker and stainless steel. Ideal skates to discover if shorttrack skating is the sport for you. 

  • Same tube as the QCS, other finish.

  • Smooth grinded stainless steel 57hrc Rockwell

  • Delivered as standard with variable rocker, characteristics invented by Derrick Campbell.

  • Trusted hard aluminum alloy keeps the bent.

EHS Shorttrack Boots 

The EHS shorttrack boot is a solid shorttrack boot with comfortable inner lining. 

The shell is thermoplastic, moldable to each foot.

The mounting blocks enables the skater to secure the boots in the most ideal position.  




If you are interested in selling EHS quality products in your store, feel free to contact us for more info on our brand, pricing and vision. 

We are located in the heart of the ice-skating world. The Netherlands. 

At our company, we have our own EHS flagshipstore, a machinery shop and development center together with a big stock in EHS products. 

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