Long Track

EHS offers 3 boot models. From beginner to pro. 

All our EHS boots are fully handmade in the EU. A nice and clean design mixed with high end Diolene or Carbon shell that can be heatmolded to create a perfect fit. 

EHS also offers a wide range of LT ice blades that will fit all your needs. All made in house for perfection.

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Short Track

By producing first Bont and later on EVO shorttrack blades Edward Hagen set the benchmark for performance and gold medals. This time, EHS will raise the bar once more. Nothing but perfection made in Holland.




The classic case of, simple makes perfect.

The EHS sharpening jigs come in both LT version and ST version. With all cnc machined parts, they are one of the best jigs to be found on the market.


Perfect fit, simple and effective design. Our goal for the new EHS Helmet. 

Tested and approved quality at a good price. 




If you are interested in selling EHS quality products in your store, feel free to contact us for more info on our brand, pricing and vision. 

We are located in the heart of the ice-skating world. The Netherlands. 

At our company, we have our own EHS flagshipstore, a machinery shop and development center together with a big stock in EHS products. 

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