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What You Should Know About Short Track Skates

Athletes flock to EvoSkate for their skates. They are made for the professional. However, if you're new to the world of skating, you may be wondering what the difference is between short track skates and other types of skates, and how to choose the right ones for yourself. The following information is designed to help you find the best skates for your needs.


You will immediately notice one big difference in the skates used for speed skating and other sports such as hockey and figure skating. That is the blade. The blade on speed skating skates are longer. The reason for this is that the longer blade allows these skates to go faster when they're on the ice. Some differences that are not so easily recognizable are the rocker being smaller. This is because in speed skating, you do not have to make sharp turns. They are also flat on the bottom.


  • You will have to put as much thought into choosing your boot as you do your skate. It must fit well. The size of your boot is not the same as your shoe size. Try them on. If they are too loose or too tight, you may be uncomfortable or end up getting injured.

  • Determine your budget – Take into account how serious you are about speed skating, and how often you plan to skate. You can buy a less expensive pair if you only plan to use them once in a while and you're not too serious about the sport. On the other hand, if you are serious about the sport, buy the best pair that you can afford. It will be well worth the money.

  • Greased, semi-open bearings will offer the least resistance.

  • Wheels will depend on your size. Certain wheels are made for smaller skaters, while others are for larger skaters. The associate or customer service person can help you choose the right wheel for your build.

No matter which sport you take part in, your equipment is a vital part of your success. Knowing what to buy and which options are best for you is an important part of taking part in sports. Buy the best boots and skates that you can afford. They will help your performance and help keep you injury-free. When you have good equipment, your time on the track will be that much more exciting and enjoyable for you.