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What is Mapleskate? Learn More about This Brand

Are you a speed skater? Have you heard about Mapleskate and want to learn more about what it is? Mapleskate was a Dutch speed skate as well as a tool manufacturing company. It was started in 1990 and manufactured a brand of speed skates that were commonly used among short and long track speed skaters. Continue reading to find out more about Mapleskate.

What was its skate product line?

Mapleskate manufactured about four different lines of long track skates, plus six lines of short track skates. The long track skates were known as Multiskate, Comet Alu, Comet Steel, and Blizzard. The short track skates were called Chrome, Superflex, Duro, Gold, Premium, and Maddog. For beginners, the CST-60 is a good option, while expert skaters may want to consider the top of the line Comet Twin Laser Steel. These skates may be available from various sporting stores.

Was it ever used in the Olympics?

Mapleskate was a popular brand among speed skaters at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy. All eight Olympic Short Track speed skaters who won gold medals wore this brand of speed skate. In addition, 5 of the 12 good medalists in the Long Track wore these skates. However, the brand was not only for Olympic medal winners. There were skate options available for everyone, from beginners to experts.

What other products did it manufacture?

Mapleskate did not only produce skates. It also produced a wide range of skating related products. For example, skaters could get skate boots, speed skate blade benders, backpacks, helmets, speed skate sharpening jigs, de-burring tools, inline skates, blade covers, laces, and sharpening stones. These all play an important role in the safety, skill, and expertise of the skater.

For the long track skating market, the entry level Blizzard Jr. is an excellent option. More experienced skaters may want to consider the G4 and Silver skating boots. For the short track skating market, the Premium Jr. is a good option for beginners, while the ST Silver works well for more experienced speed skaters.

While Mapleskate may no longer be in business, speed skaters may still be able to find its range of products in stores throughout the country. To find the products that interest you, contact your favorite sporting goods or speed skating store to speak to a professional. They will be able to help you find what you need and provide you with the best options based on your skill level and interest.