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How to Choose Your Evoskates

Evoskates are a well-known brand of skates. Many athletes turn to this brand when they are training or competing. They have an extensive line of both short track and long track skates, as well as inline skates. The company has a lot of experience in the field of skating. They are known to excel in design and product development. So, while the company does their job, it is up to you to know how to choose your skates. The following information will be beneficial to the person who is new to skating and looking to buy a good pair of skates.


If you are looking for skates for short track or long track racing, you probably know that the blades are longer than traditional blades. Long track blades are longer than short track blades, but both are longer than those on your traditional skates. The blades are also slightly off center to help the skater as they lean into the turns. If you are wondering why the blades are so long, the answer is very simple. The longer blades help the skaters go faster on the ice.


When you try on skates, they should feel snug against the foot.

  • There should be very little space between the heel and the skate. A quarter inch or less is perfect.

  • There should also be very little space between the toe and the toe cap.

  • You can leave a tiny bit more room for growing children, but no more than half an inch.


One mistake that those who are new to skating make is choosing skates of the same size as their street shoes. This is a mistake. If you buy the same size as your street shoes, the skates will not fit properly; they will be too big. Your skate size is about one size smaller than your street shoes. In some cases, it will be 1.5 sizes smaller than your street shoes.

If you are in doubt about how your skates should fit, speak to the sales associate at your skating dealer. They probably have extensive knowledge and experience with different types of skates and they can help you. They can also help you choose skates for special circumstances, such as if you have wide feet, narrow feet, or you are between sizes. Whether you are competing or skating for fun, a pair of skates that fit well will enhance your skating performance.