EHS  3X125 / 4X110

Using this frame you can easily change the wheel size, while the position of the frame relative to the shoe does not change; 3x125mm on the road and 4x110mm on the track, or for mounting rain wheels.

Weight: 229 grams per frame

Length: 13.2 "

EHS  3X125

This frame is available in 2 lengths: 12.6 '' and 13.0 '', The 12.6 "frame is interesting for ladies and youth; the advantage of the 3 large wheels, but retaining maneuverability.

Weight: 229 grams per frame

Length: 13.2 "

EHS  4X100

The shortest frame in the EHS line. Suitable for mounting skate shoes from size 35. For the youngest children, it is possible to choose 90mm wheels, so it is more stable and easy to maneuver while skating.


Length: 12.0 "

Weight: 219 grams per frame

EHS  3X100 / 1X90 For mounting ice skating shoe

This inline-skate frame has length slots at the top of the frame instead of width slots. This makes it possible to mount ice skating shoes on a roller skate frame.


Weight: 219 grams per frame




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